Monday, January 14, 2008

A week in review

This has been a pretty interesting week, the first of the list, and I'm both surprised and a bit discouraged by my results thus far. About half of my items show any activity at all - see cleaning and movie watching, while other ones - the big ones shall we say - losing weight, volunteering are big old zeros. However, in an effort to remain positive, I'm quite pleased with not only my progress, but my diligence in keeping track of it. Just the act of tracking what I am doing and seeing marks in the plus column has done wonders for me mentally. I tend to get pretty down on myself, and doing this project has helped me to see, that at least for the last week, hey I am doing stuff!

I was able to "do something I had been meaning to do" which was complete an application for the Children's Literature Institute which is a course that pairs writers up with published authors, with the goal of having a completed publishable children's book manuscript once you complete the course. My list of things I've been meaning to do differs from New Things, because many of the things I have been meaning to do are kind of gross mundane thing that I tend to neglect since I have had Mags. Things like going to the dentist and getting a hair cut. Annual exam? Yeah, not so annual. The list is a good motivator.

Hopefully this week I will have a pic. of my first completed knitting project for the list. I thought it would be done last night but I screwed it up and had to rip out like 1/2 of it. Anyhow, I will have more later on. Also, the klog is still going, so be sure to check that periodically as well.


Anonymous said...

With 50 weeks remaining I'm prepared to predict an easy victory, provided (and this is key!) you're able to bank certain goals. i.e. 5 hours of writing in one day roll over onto the subsequent 10 days, or can be saved for prudence sake against the dreaded and sadly inevitable 'block'.

If this is the case then I'm prepared to lay odds ... if not, yikes!


mommyk said...

Banking is Key. I am totally prepared for roll overs, mad sessions of writing, and buying myself out of goals i.e. does $15 donated to charity = 1 hour of my time? I think you should start some side betting. You could start a sister site 30list odds - what are the odds that Kate will finish her blog goal before her knitting goal, I say pretty damn good. About the block, I am going through a terrible creative block right now. 3 month dry spell. I got like 30k words into a novel and then poop city.

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