Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rules Shmules

After discussing the LIST with some of you, I am starting to realize I better set up some rules, and also do some quick explaining about my SWEET new progress bars you see over here --->
First off the progress bars may look like they are moving very slowly and it might appear as though I'm slacking or taking my sweet time doing things, which I very well may be, however for a lot of the bars, the total I am looking for as cumulative over the year. So, even though I have been cleaning for 30 mins per day, my ultimate goal is 10920 mins. of cleaning for the year. Which sadly I will probably exceed but right now is only showing 1%.

So the rules. There was some discussion around the knitting goal - mainly this: does a pair of knitted socks or mittens count as 2 knitted items? I say yes, but many of you say no. I'm still considering this. Especially since many of the naysayers are non-knitters. Say that 3X fast - naysaying non-knitters! Secondly, I'm going to have to figure out the randomness of my random acts of kindness, does anyone have any thoughts on this? Do random acts of kindness have to 1. Involve strangers and 2. Be all sneaky and unnoticed? Also, what's the difference between kindness and good manners? For example, is holding the door open for someone good manners or an act of kindness? However, it was established that telling a girl in the bathroom at Gritty's that you like her dress is not an act of kindness. And finally: if I am running out of time at the end of the year, can I go nuts and say feed 30 meters and counts those as individual acts of kindness? Technically it affects 30 different people right? Sorry to dwell on this one, it's kind of an interesting topic for sure.

I plan on making this blog really fun, with lots of entries, photos, graphs (duh) and I hope you have a fun time reading about my journey. This project really speaks to the anal retentive, competitive, OCD side of my personality. Which is to say - my personality.

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