Sunday, April 20, 2008

Did you miss me?

It's been awhile yes? I've been doing lots of things, very busy, working on the list, living life and whatnot. Very quickly, things are going quite well. I am now in week three of my life as an ace reporter, and let me tell you it's not as easy as one may think. I cover really boring meetings and then need to turn them into relatively interesting articles. But I'm not complaining, it's fun and I'm amassing an elite folder of clips which I can than use to propel my career into the stratosphere. Also, I have written about five articles so far which I am totally counting as submissions and am writing like a fiend. My mood about life has improved greatly and I am not sure if it's due to the increase in writing or the massive amounts of sun we have been graced with over the past few days. Either way, woot for me.

I finished Blood and Smoke by SK and it was rad of course. I also read Running With Scissors which I highly recommend. It's an autobiography of a guy who sort of gets adopted my his moms shrink. The thing is that the shrink and his family are totally nuts and though the situation is actually quite horrific, the author Augsten Burroughs, writes in a really engaging and humorous way so as not to totally bum you out. I have heard that the movie is really good too. It gets a double woot!

Speaking of movies I watched Lucky Number Slevin the other night and was ready to be disappointed but was pleasantly surprised. This is a a typical crime with a twist ala Snatch, type movie but the difference was it had some of the best dialog in a movie I have ever heard. It was very witty and humorous. Single Woot!

I completed round two of the yarn smack down and will be moving on to round three on Saturday. Although I really like doing competitive knitting, the last round I went to bed only when my left hand looked a lot like one of those petrified chicken feet you buy at the vodoo store, and I couldn't straighten it out. Luckily after a good night sleep I was able to wake up early finish my hat and send it off to kill my opponent.

Today I went outside and raked like a mad woman and didn't really make as big of a dent in the leaves out front as I would have liked. Granted I haven't raked out there in about three years, and now inspired by the Botanical Gardens have decided that I really like the look of "clean woods". I'm debating vacuuming up leaves with my shop vac. Then I will be the lady that vacuums the woods. Am I ready to take that step in neurosis? Perhaps.

Wow you are saying. Things are going well for Ms K. Is anything going wrong for you? Well thanks for asking! I am completely paranoid that after all of the day's raking I am covered in Lyme disease infested ticks even though I took a shower. I feel all creepy. It's gross. Think about having lice. See how you are all skeeved out and itchy now? Yeah, like that. Also, I have a zit inside my ear. That's probably too much information for y'all but it really hurts. So other than hallucinating bugs all over me and having acne in my ear, life is good. I hope all is well out there.

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