Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here I am again another two weeks with no posts, but I have had a major disaster. About a week ago I spilled an entire mug of tea on my laptop and killed it. Tea and laptops do not mix. After trying to dry it out unsuccessfully for a couple days, Mike opened it up and noticed that 1. it was still full of tea and 2. some giant chip thing was fried and melted. BOOO HIISSS. Now I am checking my e-mail and whatnot on Mike's gonk, This is doing nothing good for quelling my apple envy. I do so love this little MacBook. I'm hoping to either win one, or have a visit from the mac fairy, since a new one is not in the budget right now.

In other spilling news, the day after I killed my Dell, I spilled an entire mug of coffee (with cream in it) on myself and my couch. The couch which used to only smell like old dog and fire (long story) now also smells like coffee, and I'm sure rotten milk and mold soon. I have decided that I must now begin drinking all liquids from sippy cups since I am clearly a danger to myself and others.

I have started back on my fitness goals since I have now officially regained all of the weight I lost this summer, which as you can imagine makes me feel super awesome - however I totally outsmarted myself this time and gave away all my fat pants as I lost weight this summer, so now I don't have any pants to wear and have effectively forced myself back on the wagon. Take that laziness!

One note about losing my laptop, I have been writing like a mo-fo - IN a notebook you know, the paper kind as opposed to ON a notebook, the machine kind. it's very ye olde fashioned of me. It's tres excellent. I have decided that my computer was my greatest tool and my greatest time suck. Oh also, somehow I seem to be behind on reading 30 books, I have no idea how this happened but am now doing double duty with books on the ipod and regular style books so that I can reach my goal by January. Booya.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Politics small scale.

Good Morning Y'all. I know I still haven't updated my book/movie list, but I plan on getting right on this AM, for reals! I have started a new project but for some reason blogger thinks it's a spam blog and won't let me post anything on it until a human reviews it. Not fair.

In other news, I have had a few blog/articles published on with more to come.

Things that I have been meaning to do are moving along nicely and includes becoming more involved with town politics! Recently I attended the first of three public forums hosted by the Comprehensive Planning committee of my town. It really opened my eyes to how annoying and complicated any sort of politics, planning, etc. can be. Without saying where I live, you should know that my town has about 1200 people. Also, 60% of the population is >60. See where I'm going here? I was the youngest person in the room by about 10 years - and hopefully you know how old I am, cause um, you know, the blog and all. The elders of my town don't really care about stuff like "the school" and "bringing new people and jobs to our town". Although everyone did agree that we need high-speed internet.

Yes folks I don't have broadband. I mean I guess I technically do because we pay out the ying yang for a Hughes Net Dish, which allegedly supplies our high-speed needs. No No it does not. If we watch ONE movie from netflix (not that we really could because it's too slow) they shut us off for 24 hours for overuse. I have to go to my moms to download my podcasts - of which I only get audio. Anyhow I could go on and on about this, but I won't bore you. Just know this - it blows.

Hopefully I will locate my digital camera and post some pics of some recently completed knitting projects as well - 2 hats, 1 pair of legwarmers. Suhweet. I really need to reassess and see how much I need to get done before 31, which is in January. Cya.

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