Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Long time no see.

Holla and woot! So, I haven't blogged in few months. Sorry! I've been super busy, as summers always go in Maine. I call it the Mainer summer fever, where we try to pack in as much stuff as possible before the impending 6 months of winter. I'm not going to bore y'all with the minutiae of all the movies/books I've been consuming - aka reviews - but as soon as I can remember them all will post them with a woot or a poot in my little list thinger over there ->.

Here are the major points of the summer: I lost some weight and put it back on, been working on a farm 1.5 days per week, got a job doing a bunch of internet research/writing for 6 weeks, became addicted to DVD's of Veronica Mars, lost and regained my writing as well as knitting mojo, signed up for a zillion killer new podcasts, have become extraordinarily horrified at the presidential election.

I plan to add a list of my podcasts on the side as well, just so you can see what I'm up to. Also I have finally started using Google Reader, so if you want to see articles I recommend, go check it out. If you have gmail the reader link is up near the top, if I am in your address book it should automatically show you what I have shared. Learn how to use it and share stuff with me too darnit!

For the fall my goals are rededicate myself to writing, perhaps finish a novel I have been working on and start revising it, re-lose the weight I lost and gained back, and get something published in a mag. Also, I know my birthday is a few months away, but I think I will continue on with the list, just start at 0 again in January. Think I should up everything by 1 each year?

Sorry for the delay and the short post, things are calming down so hopefully I can pay more attention to this :)

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