Monday, January 28, 2008

Competitive OCD

I have this little Google tracker thing in the HTML of this blog, so that I can see how many hits I get, where traffic is coming from etc. One of the cool features is that I can see if people are reaching my site via search engine and what they typed in to get here. Generally it's pretty mundane, things like "knitting mittens" or "bulk food" but yesterday, oh glory, someone got here by searching for "competitive OCD". What?! First of all - Hello, awesome! Who is this person looking for competitive OCD? Are you still reading my blog? Do you want to have a competition? Because I am neurotic and I am competitive and it's totally on! Of course Mike and I immediately began speculating as to what an actual OCD competition would look like, as well as pondering such questions as "who would win in an OCD off? Rain Main or Detective Monk?" I vote Rain Man, cause he is crazy for reals, and a tad violent. Oh, and if you think the irony of me blogging about someone reading my blog is lost on me, especially when it's about competitive OCD, I can assure you dear reader, it is not.

I have reached the 30% goal mark for one of my goals, and well it's blogging. So um again, irony not lost. Second runner up is bird identification. New bird of the week - Wild Turkey. It should be noted that although I did not *see* the Turkeys in question - Mike saw them twice this week around the house while Mags and I were napping (I do believe him even though once he swears he saw an emu in our yard, but that's another story...) I see wild turkeys all the time and am putting them on my list. Besides, I love wild turkeys in fact, the ring tone on my phone is yup, wild turkeys gobbling. Not joking - some of you reading this have heard the turkeys. Am I a dork? Yes, yes indeed.

Also noticing the trend in bar movement is obviously things I like doing- as you can see reading books, watching movies, buying local food, driving less (which means rationlizing not leaving the house under the guise of saving gas) , visiting friends, these are all coming along quite nicely, where as all the stuff I *should* be doing like exercising and random acts of kindness, are still holding steady at 0. Ah well, I'm not even a month in. Besides, this is no revelation - Hey I have discovered that it's easy for me to do the stuff I like doing! Wow!

Saturday night I went and saw some friends perform in a local production of the Crucible. I would tell you to go see it except it's only running for one more weekend and it's sold out. Sorry you missed it suckas! However if you have the chance to go see the Crucible I recommend you do so. The meh. movie version of it starring Winona Ryder is acceptable. It's about the Salem witch trials, and I will try to keep my feelings and notes brief, as I could probably write about 10 pages on all the different things I thought of after seeing the play. One major thing I came up with is, I think that it's human nature to persecute other human beings. It seems like every generation has some "other" to point their fingers at Christains (romans) then Jews (christians), then witches, then communists, now terrorists. That's a pretty dumbed down version of it, and I apologize for any persecuted groups I left out. Those were the major ones that came to mind. I mean of course there is racial persecution but I think that may fall into a different level of intolerance all together. Maybe not. Maybe I'm being racially insensitive. Anyhow, go see the Crucible in one form or another.

One of the new items of clothing obtained - blazer - didn't fit so I gave it away! Yes! That one counts as a double whammy. I feel like there is more to add, but I'm done writing for the evening.

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