Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hat Trick

I finished a hat, visited with friends AND tried a new recipe last night. I feel this qualifies as a hat trick, which coincidentally is the only hockey term I know. A hat trick occurs when the same player scores 3 goals in one game. Please correct me if I'm wrong, you sports fans out there.

I love my hat, it has a cabled rolled brim and at first I was a bit concerned that it was going to look like a sailor hat. Luckily my girls assured me it would not, and I finished it up. Pic to follow. The pattern is here. I already knit a hat like this for my sister for X-mas, but I didn't quite follow the pattern as written, and hers lacks the rolled brim. This time I stayed true to the pattern, and it should be noted, that unless you have a really tiny head (and I most certainly do not) you should definitely add a few inches to the body of the hat before decreasing, or just be like me, cross your fingers and try it on while it's still on the needles and pray that you don't drop stitches. Still seeking a pattern for my next project which will be knit with some fab. super bulky I got for my b-day.

I think I said this before but new recipes means new recipes I make up. Last night I did a variation on the ever popular phyllo triangle and stuffed them with olive tapenade and ricotta. They were a hit! If you don't already have phyllo triangles in your bag of tricks, add them - they are cheap and people go nuts over them. I have a ton of leftover phyllo so expect another phyllo based recipe coming up. Tonight I will also be making up a recipe because I'm cooking up some turkey meatloaf and I never make it the same 2x. The new and improved Kate will be writing this recipe down though! Imagine it! Last night I also had the opportunity to try some absolutely delicious naturally raised pork and let me tell you, pork that is raised with care and eats good stuff tastes absolutely nothing like the cardboard you buy in the store. I can't wait until my freezer is filled with piggy goodness. Do I have qualms about ingesting an animal I actually visited with Maggie last summer? No way! I know that Mr. Piggie had a great life which I'm sure added to his deliciousness. I also intend to buy 1/4 of a cow this year too. My family is going to be a carnivorous trio.

The weather is beautiful today and I plan on taking a huge walk this AM, so that will get my exercise in for the day. We are having that kind of springy weather that happens in the middle of a Maine winter that gets you all hopeful and reminds you of spring - it lasts a couple of days until mother nature puts the old smack down on your hopes of flowers and doing anything outside without getting frostbite. No really, I like Maine winters.....It also looks like I will be finishing up the Yiddish Policeman's Union today which I highly recommend already.

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