Monday, January 7, 2008

And So It Begins

As most of you know I turned 30 yesterday. Though intellectually I understand that it's just a number, blah blah blah, it's meaningless, blah blah blah etc. I really don't like it. So I decided to turn my crankiness towards the situation, and set myself up with a set of really crazy goals to complete, reflect, and blog on this year. Thus I have created The 30 List. It's pretty self explanatory. 30 things I want to do this year, all centered around the number 30. I plan to catalog my experiences and progress here, hopefully with some photos, graphs, and other fun widgets. So, here it is:

The Thirty List

30 Blog Entries
30 Books
30 Completed around the house projects
30 hours of volunteering
30 miles less per week driving
30 minutes less watching tv
30 minutes of exercise
30 minutes per day cleaning
30 movies
Try 30 New Recipes
30 New Things
30 New Words English
30 New Words Other Language
30 Ounces of Water Per Day
30 Random Acts of Kindness
30 Submissions
30 Visits With Grandmothers
Obtain 30 items of New clothing
Do 30 things I've been meaning/wanting to do
Give away 30 things
Identify 30 Bird Species
Knit 30 things
Listen to 30 New Tunes
Loose 30 Lbs
Reduce Household Expense by 30%
Reduce Spending by $30 Per week
Reduce Waste by 30%
Spend $30 per week on local food products
30 minutes of writing every day.

I know what you're thinking. Holy Moly - that's a lot of things. Well, some of them cross with each other, and some are going to be easily achievable, some will not. I understand that I may not be able to complete all my goals, but I am going to really hard to do so. If I achieve more than 30% of the goals on the list, I will consider myself a success! I hope y'all will take this journey with me and heck, start your own list!

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